Even the people with strongest guts shudder at the mere sight of this guy in a battle. Presenting to you - one of the most fearsome and brutal enemies you will face in DominanceAR. With Double the size of an average human, the strength of more than ten bulls and some really powerful unknown kind of black magic.


He can be described as a silverback with a really bad temper. Did we just say silverback? Silverback is a male gorilla with a Silver Back. It is said - he alone is as powerful as 20 men.


Don't get fooled by his bear type appearance. This creature is way more powerful and faster than your average earthly bears. Don't give them any chance to come near you. Shoot them up as soon as you spot one.


Most people on earth are afraid of web creating bugs. But this thing is just above all the spiders you may have encountered ever. His powerful and sharp legs are enough to puncture your armor. And, it got a fancy spidy web tactic too.


Have you ever heard of T-Rex? I bet you have. And that being said, we don't need to give more details on this guy.


Think of this guy as the king of creatures. No matter how hard you to try, this one son of a ***** is just near immune to all kind of attacks. And he likes to roast his prey before eating. We literally mean it.

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